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Awa - Modern Black Kākahu

Awa - Modern Black Kākahu

Modern Black Dress


  • Product is made to order
  • Customisation is available
  • 3 months notice required
  • Shipping costs not included


If you would like to purchase please get in touch with us through the contact page. 


    This kākahu is an acknowledgement of Tainui iwi. As the Waikato river glistens, so too does this kākahu. It is also adourned with a niho taniwha tāniko I wove, which is a common pattern seen throughout Tainui iwi. 

    'Waikato Taniwharau. He piko, he taniwha. He piko, he taniwha.'

    'Waikato of a hundred chiefs (taniwha), at every bend a (chief) taniwha can be found.'

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